10 Unique application of Talcum Powder


Are you one of them who believe that Talcum powder is only meant to apply on face or body, that is incorrect today we will tell you, 10 uses of Talcum powder that you did not know.

1 ) Add volume to the eyelid: After adding the first coat mascara, apply a little powder to your eyelid. After that, add another coat of mascara you will see the eyes are big and thick.

2 ) Necklaces can easily be untangled: When many necklaces are put together for a long time. It cannot be easily separated, put a little powder and then you can easily untangle the necklace.

3 ) Use a dry shampoo: Hair becomes sticky when you don’t apply shampoo for a long time. Due to lack of time. In a situation like this apply a little powder then massage the hair lightly and then comb your hair well remember powder should not be seen in your head.

4 ) Helps to remove oil stamp from clothes: Apply powder on both sides of the oiled part of the garment. Leave it for one hour then wash the clothes with detergent.

5 ) Sand can be easily removed from the foot and the shoe: When we visit seashore we often get sand stuck to our feet and shoes. If you put a little powder on the legs, the sand on the feet would fall easily. Shake your shoes with a small powder poured inside, you can easily see all the sand from the shoes being dropped

6 ) Keep the bed sheets freshened: Spread little powder in the bed sheet in summer in addition to the aroma, the bed sheet will remain fresh.

7 ) Leather clothes shiny: If you keep leather clothes or bags inside a closet for a longer period of time, it loses its brightness. Rub the leather with a little powder you will see the brightness back again.

8 ) Puppy or cat hair will be glossy: Applying powder on puppy or cat hair make it more shiny and clean. But be careful with their eyes and nose when you apply.

9 ) Enhancing waxing session: Apply powders on the skin before waxing, this will easily lead to hair loss and less pain when you do waxing.

10 ) Remove the stench from the shoes: There are many people who get strong smell out of their legs or feet, to avoid this, apply powders to the legs before wearing shoes pour little powder in the shoes as a result, the sweat of feet will easily absorb by the powder and this would reduce the smell.