5 Best Educational Toys For Your Kid

Educational toys for preschoolers are important parts of an environment that constantly teaches our children, especially if we are looking to raise an aware and positive next generation. There are much more pleasant and effective ways of introducing concepts of mathematics, science and even arts into their lives. And one of them is through play... by having fun!

1) Wooden puzzle toy


When it comes to stimulating the mind, there is nothing as effective as a puzzle. Exposed to age appropriate puzzles almost every child can further develop the mind. For children of about three years of age, a four piece puzzle works well. As your child begins to understand the concept of these games, one can keep increasing the difficulty level of the puzzles.

2) 99 Multiplication Table Math Arithmetic Wooden Toy


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Early exposure to a range of math number games is probably one of the most beneficial learning experiences kids of all ages can have. Your responsibility is to introduce your child to the basic number concepts by picking the right games. This develops an effortless understanding and a numbers fondness.

3) Balance Chairs Board Game


Right from the simple Balance Chairs Board Game like Junior Monopoly... preschoolers learn from it all. These games help increase concentration and mental capacities of your child. They also help lay the grounds for mental math along with teaching the child to develop

4) Construction Set Model & Building Toy


Right from basic blocks to the magnetic rods almost anything works in this area. Some of these blocks come with numbers and alphabets printed on them and help kill two birds with one stone. Lego toys are an absolute hit in the construction toys section, though one must be careful since these sets do have several small parts that could pose as a choking hazard.

5) Children Digital Wooden Clock Toy


Puzzle whose hands, consists of two rotating twelve Numbers and corresponding twelve object block, each is independent of the plate, baby according to its shape, number and color the spell into the corresponding location, study number, clocks and watches.
First tell the baby different plate shapes, so that he will randomly insert pieces of wood into the picture; Please be careful to guide your child to exercise at the same time.
Let the baby strengthen the awareness of the color number, and exercise the function of the hand while exercising the mental agility of the child; Have a deeper understanding of shapes

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