5 Everyday Outfit for Men on all Occasions


It is rightly said- simplicity is the key! The simple style is the secret behind great everyday outfits. You can’t go for suits and ties everyday as not everyone enjoys the formal look. Building a wardrobe is not easy you have to be very particular with the outfits you choose. Here in this blog, I will specifically talk about simple and stylish everyday outfits that are the basics and must-haves in your wardrobe. In everyday outfit styling, looking sharp and edgy is the topmost priority. If you don’t really like being dressed up I have some amazing outfit ideas for you. These everyday outfits are not only comfortable and smart but also guarantees to enhance one’s personality.


1) Solid Color T-Shirt:

You will definitely agree with me that t-shirts are the most comfortable outfit for men. You can just style them on any bottom wear from shorts to chinos. All you have to do is be careful with the color contrast you opt for.

 2) Ripped Jeans:

Ripped Jeans is the trendiest outfit across countries and has also gained popularity amongst both men and women. You can style it with any graphics or solid color t-shirt and also with casual shirts. If you want the dapper look you can even style ripped jeans with denim or leather jacket.

3) Jackets:

It is very important to invest in jackets as they not only enhance your look but also create a style statement. You can go for leather or denim jacket with a pair of black denim or a perfect chino to compliment your look.

4) Chinos:

Chino can be styled in a casual and formal way so it is a must-have in your everyday outfit list. If you want a casual look go for a t-shirt or a jacket over it and for formal look style a dress shirt or a blazer.

5) Shirt:

Shirt again is a formal and casual wear and also a basic staple in every man’s wardrobe. You can style a shirt in a variety of ways. You can invest in plain colors, printed ones and also checked shirts. For a formal look, you can style it with trousers, chinos, blazers, and suits. Get the casual look by styling shirt with denim, ripped jeans or shorts.