5 Hairstyle that will make you more beautiful

Heatless hairstyle ideas not only look great but leave you feeling great. No one can predict the weather for prom, as it can be hot or humid. Let’s not fret though ladies! There are plenty of options you can do with your hair that will beat the heat and manage frizz. Did we mention that you don’t even need to use any heated products or appliances? Try one of these heatless hairstyle ideas for prom!

1) Faux Fishtail Braid:
We all love fishtail braids, but this one has an extra twist (literally)! Start by twisting the hair from either side of your head, and tie the two pieces together with a small elastic. Then, make a small hole above the elastic, and pull the ponytail through. Keep repeating these steps until you run out of hair, and then tie off the final braid. You can also pull your hair apart with your fingers for a looser and fuller look! This style is extra secure, and will most certainly stay in all night at prom.


2) Side French Braid:

A side braid is a great way to show off the length of your hair, while your hair is off your neck to prevent sweat. It’s also a perfect opportunity to try this side french braid. Simply make a side part and begin french braiding the front of your hair to behind your ear. Then, add in the rest of your hair, and continue braiding all the way down. Tie it off with an elastic, make it appear thicker by pulling on the strands, and you got yourself the cutest hairdo.


3) Bubble Ponytail:
Now here’s an exciting spin on a classic hairstyle! Start by making a polished ponytail, bobby pinning a small strand around it to hide the elastic if you would like. Next, tease the rest of the hair slightly, and begin adding more elastics every 2-3 inches down until there’s no more room. Pull on each “bubble” to enhance this bubble ponytail, and wear with no worries the rest of the special day.


4) Cotton Candy Bun:
For this prom hairstyle, let the humidity work with you. A little frizz never hurt nobody, and it will definitely be taken advantage of in the cotton candy bun. Pull your hair back in a sleek, high ponytail. Then, spray sections with hairspray while you tease large strands with a backcomb. Bobby pin the mess around in a circle, as it turns into a fun style resembling your favorite summer treat!


5) Dutch Braid and Low Bun:
This is a hairstyles for Spring and Summer though because it ’s a quick way to get the hair up and out of the way and even works on wet hair too!