5 Most Useful Gadgets on Amazon 2019

1. Magnetic Car Air Vent Phone Mount


Magnetic Car Air Vent Phone Mount


Slide the rubber mounting fingers over your vent louvres to attach. The mounting fingers can be rotated to support two different louvre thicknesses and protect the vent from scratching. Place the thin metal plate between your phone and its case or stick the adhesive metal plate on the back of your phone (it comes with 2 extra metal plates). Holds your phone securely on bumpy roads.



2. Reusable Rubber Twist Tie


Reusable Rubber Twist Tie


Reusable Rubber Twist Ties can be used over and over again to organize cords, wrap headphones, and for endless other tasks at home, in the office, or on the job site. Flexible, reusable Gear Ties have a tough rubber exterior that provides excellent grip and a strong, bendable wire interior to hold their shape making them endlessly reusable and useful. No more need for single-use cable ties or zip ties. Nite Ize is the original, trusted maker of Gear Ties. With our innovative manufacturing process, these patented Gear Ties are built to last through years of tough use at home or on the job



3. Pivot Power Surge Protector


Pivot Power Surge Protector


Reclaim your outlets with Pivot Power. It's an adjustable electrical power strip that holds large adapters in every outlet--no more having to make decisions about which wall warts to put on which outlets. Now you have a surge protection solution that will accommodate all of your large power adapters. The flexible shape of Quirky's Pivot Power pivots around furniture and hard to reach places. The versatility of positioning lets Pivot Power accommodate virtually any home setup, whether it's circling around the foot of your living room end table or weaving around a cluttered computer desk.



4. Metal Under Headphone Hanger


Metal Under Headphone Hanger


The Brainwavz Truss is a headphones hanger specifically designed to hang not one, but two headphones with ease, comfort and convenience. The Truss allows users to store and protect multiple headphones in a neat and comfortable manner. Solid and dependable, it affixes under any desk or surface with a strong Acrylic Foam Tape adhesive tape.

Made with solid all-metal aluminium, the Truss maintains its shape and form whilst holding the heaviest of headphones, making this handy little headphones hanger a cut above the rest.



5. Quirky Mini Powercurl


Mini Powercurl


Soft and durable silicone bends away so you can wrap your cord within its base. It then snaps back over the top to hide those unsightly cables. A functional case to slim down and protect your adapter.



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