5 Must have fashion accessories for men


1) Black Tie: Sure the black tie is truly the best add-on you can own and especially when it is a black tie. The black tie is comfortable and convenient to wear. It is a good shade for a tie irrespective

2) Black Watch: By black watch, we mean the analog watch with a black leather belt. This is the basic black wallet that each one of you must own because it is for the classic look. You can have a watch with either black or blue dial. The white dial is for a regular daily look and the black dial is reserved for special events.

3) Black Shoes: Black shoes are the basic dose of professionalism that most people brought to work. Black shoes are your basic masculine formal shoes that add styles and sass to the look. This look is best seen with a black trio of watch, shoes, and belt.

4) Black Wallet: A black wallet is finally the fourth important element in the black accessory set that adds character to the style. The black wallet is the final efficient look that is needed to add style and elegance to today’s looks. The black wallet is the final look that will intrigue a person whose style has been inspired by the 90s.

5) Black Leather Jacket: The black leather jacket is your 90s all famous, ultra-modern style statement. The black leather jacket is the Rockstar of the 90s. It was not possible to organize a party minus a rockstar with the ultimate star power! The setup, final outcome, music was all too forced. The party was naturally a disaster!