5 Must Have Summer Shoes

It may be hot outside, and you may be tempted to wear your flip-flops with every summer outfit because it’s the easier choice. However, the options are truly endless when it comes to fashionable shoes. We’re here to give you the latest styles and trends for this season, with these must-have summer shoes!


1) Pool Side Summer Shoes


If you just need something to wear down to the pool, then invest in one of these poolside summer shoes! In your favorite designers such as Calvin Klein and Puma, you’ll be sure to show up to the pool in style. Not to mention, they are very comfortable, easy to take off, and will prevent your feet from burning from the hot pavement. Find a pair with your favorite logo, and look chic all summer long!


2) Fancy Flat Summer Shoes

You’ll probably have numerous outgoings in the summertime, but that doesn’t always mean you need to wear killer heels. Instead, find a fancy pair of flats! There’s an array of styles and colors to be unique and still be sure to make a statement. Find ones that are open-toed so your feet can still breath, and to fit in with the summer atmosphere.


3) Floral Summer Shoes

From flower sandals and flats to flower-printed heels, floral shoes are going to be everywhere this season. We already saw them flowing at prom, so why not try them out on your feet as you walk outside.


4) Lace-Up Summer Shoes

To up your summer shoe game, find a flip-flop or sandal with lace! This extra piece of fabric can be tied around your ankle or up your calf, depending on the length and the style. Everyone will instantly be drawn to your feet and compliment you on your cute shoes. Wear these with a short dress and your whole shoe will be shown!


5) Block Heel Summer Shoes


If you’re going to go with any heels for summer, go with a block one. These give you more stability, so you can carry on with your summer activities in style and comfort. Plus, they come in an array of heights and styles to fit your needs. Go with a fancy block heel or a strappy sandal one for a day out. No matter which you choose, you’ll stand up tall and rock this forever trend!