Are you allowing poison to enter your body unknowingly? Do you know that Nail polish contains poison?

Who doesn’t want to have nice manicured nail polish? Although it is good to see nails in different colors, many of us do not know that Nail Polish is harmful to our health. In fact, the whole of Nail Polish is made of various chemicals Let's take a look at what kind of chemicals are in nail polish and what can be the harm to our body when it comes to contact.

1 ) Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP) : It is given in the nail polish, so that it can work well with nails. It has been tested that these chemicals can penetrate our body through the nails at the same time, it can also enter our body through the particles of air

TPP can affect hormones in women It can also reduce the sperm count of men.

2 ) Formaldehyde : This chemical is mixed to strengthen the nails It also needs to be cleaned with nail care tools It has been found that those who work in Salon have to come near the regular blue color As a result, the tendency of stand Troubles, cough, asthma, allergic tissue increases a lot.

3 ) Toluene : It is a solvent that is mixed with nail polish so that it gives a smoothen finish. It is also mixed with nail polish because the nail color does not get accumulated Toluene mixed vapor once enter skin can make dry, it creates eye and neck irritation, numbness and headache. In some cases, the central nervous system and reproductive health are also affected

 4 ) Phthalates : It is mixed with nail polish so that nails are not easily broken. There may be several side effects of eyebrow, throat, nose and mouth infections. Also affects the reproductive Hormones.

Formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalates are called toxic-trio together.

5 ) Acetone : Acetone nails are used to cleanse nail polish Nerves, eyes and neck irritation can also be a headache if you have acetone-mixed in nail polish.

It is expected that strict restrictions on the cosmetic industry will be issued in the near future During the purchase of the nail polish, kindly check the label see if the above harmful chemicals are present. It will be wise to not have too much nail polish.