Be more stylish in less expensive clothes - know all those tricks.



Many of us are not able to buy Gucci or Prada clothes. Learn tricks to look more stylish in less expensive clothes we will show you the exact styling and the equally expensive ones with the help of some tricks. Let's see a few simple tips today.

1 ) Steaming / Pressing: A well iron/steam or pressed shirt shows more expensive than a costly shirt. Iron pressing clothes is not a very difficult task if you do not want to do in the house then you can do it from outside too for a very little money. Also if you want to do by yourself you can buy a steamer instead of iron.

2 ) Take care of accessories: Clothing is very important as it is necessary to dress up clothes and take care of clothes too. For example, you are wearing very expensive shoes on one leg but it is covered in dust that will put down your impression. Likewise, I would say the same thing as in the case of leather shoe it should be polished nicely. And whatever you wear should be clean avoid wearing clothes with a wrinkle. If the button of the dress is broken, then make sure to fix it before you wear it.

3 ) Keep a lint roller in the house: Cotton and linen cloth are often seen the thread coming out and gathered up this is called the lint. This situation can be handled easily with a lint roller so buy a lint roller and keep it at home.

4 ) Keep in mind that the clothes should fit properly: If a blazer or coat fitting is not right then it looks very unacceptable, no matter how expensive it is. However, this is applicable not only for blazers or coat but for any dress sloppy clothing or long trousers can change your whole look in one moment fold your hand sleeve in the case of long sleeves, Of course, there should be a belt in your closet when required.

5 ) Try to stay fit and fresh all the time: Do not wear expensive clothes with improper nails or nail polish, it will show less expensive. So occasionally do manicure and pedicure, if you unable to go to the parlor then do it in the house. Please try to shampoo once in two days, remove make-up before going to bed every night. It is very important to follow these small things, if you are clean, the less expensive costume will look very interesting on you.

6 ) Clothes you must have in your closet: Buy a nice trench court, a black blazer, a little black dress, black pump shoe and some classic clothes. You should have an expansive look by wearing these things.

7 ) Change clothing details: A less expensive dress can be shown expansive in moments.  Do you know how? Change buttons, instead of less expensive plastic buttons, replace it with a metal or brush also you can try button made of pearl.

8 ) Invest in Accessories: Shoes, bags, belts, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, these are very important. So it will be wise to spend money on accessories. If these things are interesting, accessories would gather more attraction than the cloth which you wear.