Coconut Oil or Almond Oil? Choose according to your need.



Coconut oil or Almond oil, which one is more beneficial? Both are good for silky hair, we are writing down benefits for both the oil, you decide which one fits best according to your hair.

 Coconut Oil

 1) Turn Rough hair soft: If your hair is very rough and frozen, then nothing can be better than coconut oil. It contains calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, which is highly essential for hair. Heat the oil mildly and then massage your head gently this will turn your hair silky and soft.

2) Reduces hair loss: Coconut oil is very beneficial for hair loss. It contains saturated fat that acts as a hair moisturizer. This helps in growing new hair. If you have hair fall issues or you if have thin hair, then can apply coconut oil regularly.

3) Prevents gray hair: In addition to strengthening the hair, its gray hair. Take 100 ml of coconut oil add gooseberry powder, fenugreek powder, and curry leaves mix it well. Try this pack weekly once, wash your hair with mild shampoo in the morning

 Almond Oil

 1) Reduce hair fall:  Almond oil is very effective for reducing hair loss. This oil contains plenty of Vitamin E and D and other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, which provides useful nutrients to the hair. Regular use reduces hair loss and hair becomes soft and brighter.

2) Get long bright hair: Regular use of almond oil helps hair to grow quickly. It also strengthens the hair root and prevents from breaking down.

3) Reduce dandruff: Almond oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces dandruff very quickly. Almond oil is also a natural conditioner for hair, it contains Vitamin B, B6, B2 and E, which helps to moisturize the scalp and prevents dandruff.