Do you feel lazy in the morning? Keep in mind these quick make-up tips.


Who does not want to look beautiful, but in the morning it is not possible to give most of your time to makeup also sometimes we often feel lazy when we wake up in the morning. Today, there are some beauty tips that can be easily followed these tips are ideal for women who do not want to get up late.

1 ) In the morning, wash your face with cold water:  Once you wake up in the morning first wash your face with cold water. This will make you feel fresh at the same time the holes on the skin will be tightened and the open hole will be closed, at the same time cold water also helps to maintain moisture in the skin.

2 )  Dry shampoo: If there is no time to apply shampoo on your hair use dry shampoo. This will help your hair to remain dry and make it shine and softness will be maintained at the same time.

3 )  Keep the hair styled on the previous night: If there is a meeting in the office then wash hair using shampoo on the previous night. Let the hair dry and make hairstyle as you like. This will help you to save time in the next morning, just you need to comb your hair.

4 ) Make  Red Lipstick your best friend: If you do not have time to choose lipstick shade, apply a red lipstick. Regardless of the color, any outfit, or any time of the year, the red lipstick will adapt to everything very well. It would be advisable to carry red lipstick with you all the time.

5 )  Make an emergency make-up kit: Take the makeup kit with you if you don’t find time to do makeup before going to the office. Later you can apply makeup when you find the time. Make sure that you have a concealer, a lipstick, and Kajal in the makeup kit.

6 )  Take care of skin before bedtime: In the morning if you do not have time to clean, moisturizing or skin care. You can do this before bedtime, apply face pack after scrubbing, wash your face and then apply a good serum or night cream thoroughly. If you do this regularly, your skin will look nice and bright in the morning

7 )  Decide what to wear in the morning: Keep your dress ready in the previous night. This will save you lot of time in the morning and you do not need to rush to office.