Do you know how you can make your perfume smell for longer period of time?

Many of us thought that the smell of incense, the more we apply the longer the smell would stay with us but the idea is completely wrong. Today we will tell you five tips, which can help your perfume smell longer than ever.

1 ) Never keep perfume in a damp place example bathroom. Also keep perfume away from humidity and heat. Try to keep it in dry and cool place.

2 ) Before you spray perfume on your skin apply moisturizer this will help the perfume smell to stay high for a long period also perfume smell does not last long on the dry skin. You may also apply petroleum jelly which will result in a longer period of smell.

3 ) Remember you should not spray perfume on your wrist and rub it elsewhere, doing this will destroy the upper layer resulting smell to fade away quickly.

4 ) Try to apply perfume on body's pulse points: the pulse points of the body means that in those places where you can feel the heartbeat, such as the wrists, inner part of the elbow, neck, behind the ears or at the bottom of the knee. These body parts generate heat as a result of a natural oil from the body, which exuded the smell of incense mixed also keeping the smell intact for longer period of time.

5 ) Spray perfume on the head with the comb and then comb your hair, since hair has the ability to hold smell for a longer period of time. Remember do not directly spray perfume on the hair this may dry your scalp.

Also, try to use expensive perfume, try to purchase perfume with strong base notes aromatic vanilla, musk, pine, etc.