Do you know which fabric to wear during summer?


The heat is increasing everyday, do you know how to keep yourself cool in this summer? The answer is the right clothes should be worn at this time, which will help to keep the body cool. The best thing to wear during summer is cotton. You may wear synthetic clothes but after you go out in the sun, you start sweating, skin rash and discomfort these are the problems you may face. So avoid these fabrics during summer you will find it much less hot.

Leather: Keep leather clothes and shoes for winter. This material does not allow air circulation which result will make you feel hotter. Many of us love to wear leather pants, this may make you feel hot and also it may also damage your skin when rubbed against your skin. Even if you wear leather shoes, your legs will sweat and start smelling. Try to wear shoes which have air ventilation this will comfort your feet in summer.

Net: Air circulation is enough for the attire of the net, so you will not feel hot after wearing it but discomfort cannot be avoided also you may start getting rashes due to such type of material.

Polyester: Polyester means synthetic fabric this will last long, but it is not good for skin especially in the summer. Polyester does not absorb water as a result, you will sweat after a while but that sweat will not dry up. The possibility of sweating increases as well as the sweat does not dry up, it increases the chance of infection.

Satin: A Satin dress is not suitable for summer this material is very heavy and secondly, satin does not allow air movement you will feel hot and also sweat will not dry up, due to this you may get fungal infections.

Silk: Although it is a natural fiber it does not get wet quickly also it does not absorb water, it becomes easily moist, due to this sweat start stinking, also white or light silk attire can easily get yellow scarring of sweat. Silk retains the hit this make you feel hotter and also does not allow to dry the sweat at the same.

Rayon: Rayon is made from cellulose many of us do not know that it is artificial or synthetic fabric. The price is also quite cheap and used as a substitute for silk, the life of the rayon is more than silk. But it’s not ideal to wear in summer. Rayon does not absorb sweat and also does not allow the skin to breathe, so it increases the chance of itching, skin becoming red and rash.

Nylon: Avoid this artificial material during summer. In most cases, socks and work out garments are made of nylon. This fabric works like a furnace in the summer, meaning that it traps the hit. As a result, you will feel hotter also, it does not allow movement of air, which will cause great discomfort.

Also, avoid black-colored clothing because the black color easily absorbs the hit and retain the hit for a longer period of time.