Five Hair pack made from mango - This summer is ideal for hair care


Five Hair pack made from mango - This summer is ideal for hair care

I will eat mango in the mango season at the same time, keep your five hair packs made from mango, which will make your hair soft, bright and strong.

1) Mango and Olive Oil Hair Pack: For this pack, you need mango pulp and two tablespoons olive oil. Blend well with olive oil then apply this mixture to the top of the hair follicle keep half an hour and wash them in cold water.

This hairdressing makes hair silky and shiny many of us do not have time to go to a beauty salon, they can use this hair pack effortlessly. In addition, this hairpiece will cost a lot less.

2 ) Mango and egg pack: For this, you will need to make a ripe mango, two egg yolks and two tablespoons of sugar. Mix all together and apply it on your hair apply this to hair scalp after adding 45 minutes, wash the hair with a shampoo. 

As this package has different nutrients and proteins, the hair will be strong at the same time the hair be shiny. The hair will grow rapidly when the hair pack is used regularly.

3 ) Mango and papaya hair pack: This hair mask will need to be made from a seasoned mango, one piece of papaya and one tablespoon coconut oil. Blend three together apply this mixture well on the head put it on for two hours. Then wash it in cold water no need to apply shampoo or conditioner.

Ideal for hair pack for those who have dry hair or freeze hair For best results, apply two days a week.

4 ) Mango and Aloe vera Hair Pack: For this, you need one mango, Aloe vera leaf one, and one teaspoon castor oil, aloe vera gel can be used if there is no aloe vera tree in the house.

Blend mango pulp, aloe vera, and custard oil well then apply to hair for one hour, wash your hair with shampoo.

This pack is ideal for a damaged hair also this pack make your hair root stronger.

5 ) Mango and Banana Hair Pack: For this pack, you would need one tablespoon mango pulp, one banana and some drops essential oil. 

Mix the mango and banana well add some drops of essential oil. You can also add coconut oil, apply this mixture to the hair well keep it for one hour and wash it with cold water.

No matter how damaged hair you have, this pack will help you also, those who have very rough hair can also apply this hair pack.