Follow six simple steps in the morning to enhance your skin glow

When you wake up in the morning, your skin tells the truth! Honestly, you need to follow six simple steps to keep your skin glowing.

1) Lemon water
There is no substitute for lemon water, to keep your body clean and free from disease. Your liver stays perfect if you make a habit of drinking a glass of hot water mixed with lemon juice. Lemon contains adequate amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C which can give your skin extra glow.

Lemon Water

2) Do light exercise
It's good if you have a habit of daily exercise, if not then you could walk for ten minutes in your home garden or on the roof of the house. Daily exercise keeps your body strong throughout the day, also toxins are released from the body through sweat. Naturally, the skin glow also increases.


3) Wash your face
During sleep, oil accumulates on the face throughout the night. Every morning wash your face with a light face wash, then apply a face serum or mild moisturizer. This will make you feel fresh all day long.
face wash

4) Need a good moisturizer
You need to understand beforehand whether the moisturizer you're applying is suitable for your skin. If the skin doesn't feel tight or oily after applying the moisturizer, then the moisturizer is OK. Having SPF within the moisturizer will also protect you from the sun.


5) Exfoliate the face
When dead cells accumulate on the skin, the face fades and appears dull. Try to exfoliate the face with a home scrub a minimum of twice every week.


6) Include fruits and vegetables within the diet
It is a well-known fact that vegetables and fruits keep their skin healthy. So try to have any fruit or vegetable for breakfast every morning. You can also try fruit salads or fruit juices or grind vegetables to form green smoothies or juices. Such a drink every morning will keep your system clean, your weight will be in control and also your skin will maintain the glow.

fruits and vegetables

Follow the above six simple steps, and you will see how people around you will complement you.