Get sparkling teeth like perl, here are few tips.



All White teeth do not mean that they are healthy teeth, we have some tips that can make your teeth healthy and beautiful.

1) Keep a track of what you eat: If you consume tea, coffee or red wine, your teeth will become black so, whenever you consume these things use toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide to brush your teeth. Apple carrot and celery are called "cleansing foods", so try to eat them occasionally. Avoid food that gets stuck in your teeth. Keep the gums healthy it is very important to follow a controlled diet.

2) Wash your mouth repeatedly:  It is not always possible to brush your teeth every time after a meal, so wash your mouth again and again, even after eating tea or coffee, wash your mouth thoroughly. 

3) Brush at least twice a day: Brush your teeth at daily twice, try to floss it before bedtime this will not allow any food particles to stay in between your teeth. Use fluoride paste if possible.

4) Change your toothbrush frequently:  Try to change your toothbrush once in three months.

5) Choose the correct Mouthwash: Do not buy a Mouthwash that has a lot of alcohol in it. Because alcohol-containing mouthwash makes your mouth very dry and increases the bacteria.

6) Regular checkup:  Go to the dentist at least twice a year.

7). Drink more water:  Try to drink more water, at least one glass of water per hour. The more water you drink, the fewer bacteria will form inside the mouth.

8) Check your breath: Check occasionally that you are breathing fresh out of your mouth, if you get the bad odor, put sugar-free mint or just wash your teeth.  

9) Dental damage: If there is a tooth fracture or tooth crack, go to the dentist immediately. Avoid stiff foods. Use mouth Guard while playing. 

10) Go to the dentist and whiten your teeth: Even if you take too much of dental care as you grow older you might take various medicine due to which you may get a stain on your teeth. So please visit a dentist and get your teeth whiten.