Hairstyle according to the face shape - Change yourself.


Are you bored with your same hairstyle? Thinking of a new hairstyle to try? Then, before you cut hair, consider the shape of your face. Many of us do not know whether the new hairstyle will match our face, it depends on the size and shape of our face.

Let's see how you should set your hairstyle according to the face shape

1 ) Round face: If you have a round face then the long hair will make you the best you should not cut hair to the cheek or lower ear because this will make your face look thicker.

Side-Swept Long Hair Ideal for round face. The long straight hair will help you to make your face look longer striking hair in the middle or side of the head will show you the best, you can also side fringe your hair.

Also, you can do long-layered hairstyles too: If you do not like long hair, then you can do asymmetric layers styling too.

You can keep medium length hair also try layer cut under your chin so that the face will look long.

2 ) Oval shape face: Those who have oval shape face most of them can have hairstyles of all kinds. But try the straight brush for a taste change but if the hair is straight, then make this hairstyle or you can do long wavy hairstyles too. Hair till shoulder seems to best for oval shape face also you can try short hair, which looks equally attractive.

3 ) Square face: This type of facial structure has a great angle and well-distinguished features. If you want to compliment your facial structure, then do a haircut that will help cover your z-line.

Angled bob can be done if you have a square face, A-shaped chin-length haircut will appeal to you very well and also help your face and neck look long.

4 ) Heart-shaped face: Those who have heart shape face structure they have a sharp chin. So hairstyles should be done in such a way so that the viewer should see your eyes or cheekbone instead of your chin. To achieve this you need large and well-ventilated hair, small hair will also be adorned so you can try any type of pixie cut, it should remember that you maintain a good volume and bumpy hair for a heart-shaped face.