Have you ever wonder how to remove Mehendi after an occasion is over

Ones who love to put mehendi throughout the marriage nowadays, whether its black or dark brown, but the very attractive mehendi after a while, when it comes to the color of the light, it looks very bad. If you would like to remove mehendi quickly follow this method.

1 ) Lemon : We know that lemon is a bleaching Property, applying lemon juice would remove the color of the mehendi. Take a piece of lemon in hand gently rub the lemon on your hand wait for a while and then wash hands with warm water. Try twice a day to remove the mehendi.

2 ) Toothpaste : This is another method to remove the mehendi stain for your hand. Apply white toothpaste on mehendi stain wait until it gets dry, then rub and remove the hardened paste. Clean your hand with a wet cloth. Try this method for couple of days.

3 ) Baking Soda : Baking soda has the ability to remove stains. So you can create a thick paste of baking soda using water and then apply it on hands and feet to removed mehendi. To make this more effective you can use lemon juice instead of water, however, be careful this may dry your skin and also it may give you itching sensation. Once you apply the paste wait for five minutes and then wash your hand and feet with cold water.

4 ) Anti-Bacterial Soap : Anti-bacterial soap can also be used to make the mehendi light in colour. This can be done by washing your hands with the anti-bacterial soap 8-10 times a day, remember due to this your skin may get dry quickly to avoid this try to apply skin moisturizer lotion on your hand.

5 ) Salt Water : Salt is a very good cleansing agent so this will also help to lighten the mehendi color. You can take a cup of salt in a bucket full of hot water, submerge you hand for twenty minutes, you can try this method for a couple of days.