How to care your feet in the summer? Use Homemade Rose-foot Scrub.


During summer if you wear closed shoe the feet start to sweat, also if you wear slippers or open type of shoe your feet gets burn in the sun and then your feet start stinking. To outcome all these problems there is an in-house solution. Do you know how? Homemade Rose Foot Scrub.

How to make this foot scrub :

Add half a cup of salt, one teaspoon of rose water, mix it in a little cold water.

Now add a fistful mint leaves and mix well. Then add one rose flower petal.

Add one teaspoon olive oil to this mixture mix well If the mixture becomes very dark, add a little more water be careful, the mixture should not be thin.

Then let the feet soak it with water mix this mixture well and apply to your ankle and feet and massage it well. You can put the mixture in the leg and keep it for some time.

This foot scab will soften your feet, dry skin will be smooth and brighter also the moisture of the feet will be maintained.

You can also keep this mixture filled with a glass bottle to use later.

Extra Tips :

If you have excess sweat on your feet, then wear Mesh Fabrics shoes.

Do not forget to put sunscreen on your feet, clean the dirt accumulated between the fingers also cut nails regularly and keep your nails clean.

If you do not have time to scrub your foot, then clean the feet with a little shampoo in hot water at least once a week.