How to use honey to make yourself more beautiful.


In our kitchen, there are things available which can be used in many ways. One such thing is honey, honey can be called as Super Hero for beautification. Below are the tips to use honey which will help you to become more beautiful.

1) Silky, long bright hair:  Honey is very beneficial to hair. It works very well with natural conditioning ability. It helps to bring life from dry lifeless hair. After shampoo, apply honey to your hair properly, cover your head with after 1-2 hrs remove the shower cap then wash the hair in mildly hot water. You can notice the difference, also honey can be mixed with olive oil and can be applied after shampoo with an olive oil wash the hair after 1 hour, and you’ll get silk-like soft and shiny hair.

2) Moisturizer: Is your skin getting dry? No Problem, take a little honey apply it on your skin and wait for five minutes then wash it in the cold water. Wipe your face, you can feel that your skin has become baby soft.

3) Helps to reduce weight:  Honey is a natural sweetener. To reduce weight, add honey and lemon mix in hot water and drink it in empty stomach in the morning. This not only helps in reducing weight, it also helps to keep the body clean.

4) Repair sunburn skin: If you go out you get easily sunburn during summer. It also happens if you visit the sea beaches in summer. This can be easily fixed by honey for this, you can apply honey directly on the skin or mix honey with cream and can be applied. It also heals small cuts or wound.

5) Remove the scar or mark: Honey helps to remove cut spots or burn marks easily. Honey must be applied on daily basis to the burnt area or wound. After few days difference can be seen.

6) Dry lip fixes: The easiest way to fix dry lips is to apply a little honey. The lips will get moisture within a few minutes.

7) Stretches the skin:  Is your skin is hanging? you can fix it by mixing honey with an egg and apply it on the skin. This face pack can be used once in two days. You can see the difference in a week.

8) To shine the skin: If you want bright skin mix two tablespoons of honey add few drops of rose water mix it well and apply it on your face. Also, mix a few spoons of honey in the water and take a bath using the same water do this on daily basis. You will find bright skin and at the same time, the skin will look very young.