Instagram adds new features for India


Instagram has now launched a dedicated Reels tab for users in India which will replace the Explore tab. The new feature has been introduced to facilitate quicker access. The team at Instagram had been testing the dedicated tab for Reels since August and therefore the latest change will make it easier for people to get new Reels creators and their videos within the application.

In fact, India is that the first market to urge the dedicated tab, and according to Instagram Instagram, this is due to the interest Reels has received within the country. Meanwhile, the Explore tab has been shifted to the top right corner of the Instagram home page.

Facebook India Director and Head of Partnerships, Manish Chopra said during a statement, "Earlier this month, we started testing a replacement tab on Instagram to form it easier to get entertaining Reels. Today, we're expanding this test in India to most of the country. India is the first market we're launching in thanks to the interest and creativity we have seen in India ."

This new tab will only show Reels, and can have an auto-playing video, a creation entry point that opens to the Reels camera and a sound on by default with a faucet to toggle on or off. The users also can access the camera directly from this tab.

India, which has over 100 million Instagram users, was the fourth country where the app-enabled the Reels feature. The feature is now available in over 50 countries, including Brazil, Germany and France and the US.