Is your skin starting to look older? Follow these seven tips, to get back the youthful skin.



As the age progresses, our skin becomes dry, and it also we start getting skin wrinkle but not only your skin damages due to aging also the effects of pollution, inaccurate lifestyle, can increase our skin's age early. Here are some tips if will follow you can make your skin look young again.

1 ) Drink more water: If you want to get good skin, you will have to drink more water drinking enough water will supply the naturopathic right to every cell of the body at the same time your skin becomes soft and will glow. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water all day. Try to avoid beverages with sugar mixture. But remember it is better to drink more water, but this does not mean that you will drink too much water is also bad for the body.

2 ) Follow skincare regimen: If you want to get youthful skin then it is very important to follow a proper skin care regime, clean the skin every day. Then rub off the dead cells from your skin, apply moisturize well also, apply sunscreen lotion before going out.

3 ) Eat more vitamins: Try eating more of Vitamin-rich foods Vitamin C and Vitamin E antioxidants and they protect skin from external damage. Especially from the sun's harmful ray Vitamin A helps to repair damaged skin at the same time, it prevents collagen break down. Vitamin K keeps the skin tight around the eye.

4 ) Stop smoking: The more you smoke a cigarette the less supply of oxygen to the skin and continues to decrease. As a result, collagen breaks down easily and you lose skin elasticity, as a result, the skin hangs also this makes skin pores grow which makes it look worse, and also skin wrinkle starts showing up.

5 ) Do not take too much stress: Stress increases the age of skin rapidly If there are too much of stress the nutrients do not reach the skin, in spite, it goes to the heart, kidney, lung, and brain. Due to low nutrients reaching to the skin means your skin will appear dry and old. Daily meditation can help to reduce the stress if you are under stress, take a deep breath.

6 ) Perform regular yoga exercises: Yoga makes the blood flow faster on the body, thus reducing collagen breakdown and also repair skin faster. Yoga will cause sweating and harmful toxins will come out from the body

7 ) Sleep well: It is very useful to sleep well this will keep your skin looks young. While you take rest the skin rejuvenation takes place and the toxin comes out. Less sleep will increase the stress and you will be seen as older. So if you want youthful skin then try to sleep at least 7-9 hours a daily.