It will be soon possible to connect Android Auto wirelessly in any car using this little device

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If you would like to possess Android Auto without cables in any car, this small device $59 (Approximately ₹4300) is that the solution you would like.

If your car is not compatible with the fully wireless version of Android AutoThere may still be hope for you.

A project published on the crowdfunding platform promises to bring Android Auto wirelessly to any car, using just one small device that you simply can connect on to your vehicle.

The name of the device AAWireless, and its operation is extremely simple: you simply need to connect it to your car’s USB port, and thru Wi-Fi and Bluetooth it'll offer you to use Android Auto in your car no need for cables.

As its creators explain, the ultimate device –today is within the prototype phase– will have dimensions of only 5 x 5 x 3 centimeters. Inside, there are –among other things– chips for connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In this way, once connected to the car, AAWireless generates a wireless signal capable of replacing the USB cable, in order that it'll be possible to attach our mobile and begin using Android Auto. Their software is predicated on Linux, and that they explain that within the future device will receive OTA updates, additionally to having an app available on Google Play from which to regulate the adapter parameters.

The mind behind this concept is that of Emil Borconi-Szedressy, who several years ago administered an identical project, during which a secondary Android device to enable Android Auto operation without the necessity for a USB cable. He is also the developer of a number of the simplest apps for Android Auto.

It is undoubtedly a promising project, which does require stakeholder collaboration to proceed further.

According to the team behind AAWireless, since they need to test the device on as many hardware as possible to maximize its compatibility. It should work with any mobile updated to a version of Android 9 or higher.

The company hopes to make the first shipments from December of this year.