Know how to fake eight hours of sleep using 10 overnight beauty tips


What products to skip, which creams to invest in and the oils to leave on overnight

Overnight beauty tips – isn’t that just getting more than 8 hours sleep and using a serum plus a moisturizer?

Not exactly.

When it comes to skincare, some women have half an hour to remove makeup, double cleanse, facemask, tone, dab on serums, massage in oils and then moisturize. But most do not. A quick makeup remover wipe and splash of water is more common than you think.

But we’ve got good news for you don’t have to forgo fresh, glowing and dewy skin – or that of women who regularly complete a full skincare routine then bed down for the coveted 8 hours – because your product regime classifies as low maintenance.

Overnight beauty tips are real, and they’re here to work on nourishing and rejuvenating skin – no effort required.

Sound too good to be true?

Take a look at the overnight beauty tips, tricks, and products that will give you the appearance of eight hours in bed, even if the reality is barely six.


Before you start Googling miracle lazy girl products, there are a few tweaks you can make to your daily routine that promise to brighten your skin without doing - well, anything.

1) Sleep with your hair up

This isn’t necessarily a tip for your tresses. While it will help to smooth out any unruly strays, it’ll also stop your hair’s natural oils from being transferred onto your face. Avoid an Ariana Grande-style tight pony though; opt for a looser low bun or a headscarf to avoid breakage.

2) Add flaxseed to your diet

It’s a superfood for a reason. Flaxseed is packed with a chemical compound known as lignan, which fights free radicals. It also helps to rejuvenate your skin cells thanks to its generous helping of omega 3 fatty acids. Stir into your nightly yogurt pudding.

2) Pop frozen green tea bags on your eyes

Before you pass it off as a terrifying solution to dark circles, just listen.

When popped on your peepers, the caffeine in green tea bags specifically shrinks the blood vessels and reduces any puffiness around the eye. A sufficiently cold green tea bag is even better, because the tannins in the tea decrease the dilation of blood vessels, reducing any dark circles - and 10-20 seconds will do the trick.

4) Use a silk pillow

It has been lauded for its ability to reduce frizz and split ends, but sleeping on a silk pillow also means none of those just-woken-up creases when you’ve snoozed your alarm for too long. It’ll absorb less moisture from your face and hair, and that moisture won’t end up being smeared back onto your skin and cause a breakout.

Take your vitamins

Possibly the easiest skincare tip out there - take your supplements. Make sure you get enough nutrients with a varied diet, but for an extra boost opt for Vitamin A, B complex and everybody’s current obsession, Vitamin C.


Products that work while you snooze can, quite literally, give you the beauty sleep you deserve. Forget the faff of a laborious nighttime skincare routine and stock up on some of these products.

They’re gifts from the beauty gods.

5) Overnight beauty tips for keeping your makeup perfect

Hands up if you’ve left your makeup on before getting into bed? Trust us - there’s no judgment here.

While you’re constantly told of the negative impact this can have on your skin, sometimes your eye makeup looks too good to take off.

And if you are really reluctant to wash it away and because you have an early spin class you want to wear your mascara in, there is something for you. This sleeping mask leaves enough room for you to blink underneath it, meaning no makeup is smashed and you can walk out of the door the next day saving time and effort if you really need to.

Daily Concepts Relaxing Sleep Mask, £10+ Shipping, Daily Concepts

6) Overnight face mask

Tired of lathering on a facemask and having to wait twenty minutes for it to do its job? Enter the wonderful world of overnight face masks.

That’s right - you can layer it on without a minute spared.

This overnight mask works to refresh, soften and smooth skin. It has a bouncy gel-cream texture that smooths right onto your skin, so a quick rub over your face before bed will have you waking up with baby-soft skin. The dream.

7) Korean overnight mask

K-beauty has taken the world by storm in recent years, with Korean skincare regimes becoming global beauty news. So why should it be any different with their overnight masks?

Combine skincare that takes mere seconds with their focus on products that moisturize and brighten and you’ve got an excellent low maintenance skincare solution. Faff level: 0/10.

8) Give your lips some love

Don’t forget your pout when your head hits the pillow - overnight lip masks are here to save the day.

The Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask contains moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil, as well as licorice root complex which is healing, leaving your lips super soft while you snore.


9) Overnight hair mask

Dry shampoo is the holy grail of a low maintenance beauty routine, but you can make it even easier to get long, luscious locks by using an overnight hair oil that will work its magic and turn dry, frizzy hair into a manageable mane.

Run this mask, packed with soothing fruit and nut oils, through your ends before you get cozy and hit the pillow.


10) Soothing socks

For anyone that squirms at the thought of wearing socks in bed, this might sound a bit strange - but try dolloping a generous helping of moisturizing foot cream on your feet and then wearing a pair while you sleep. It will leave you with feet that feel like silk. Honest.