Know how to take care of your hair in summer.


Hair care can be quite challenging in summer. Due to intense heat also sun rays during summer has harmful ultraviolet ray which damages hair make it rough and fragile. Ultraviolet rays also damage the hair cuticle. We tell you five easy ways to do hair care in the summer.

1)  Do not use hair dryers at this time:  Try to avoid hair dryer during summer, the hair dry very quickly during summer if you use a dryer, the hair will become more rough, which will increase the chance of split ends.

2)  Oil massage:  Hair can become dull due to the heat to avoid this, massage oil at least three times a week it will retain moisture of your hair. You can massage hair with olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil or aloe vera gel.

3) Try to stay away from sun rays as much as possible: Use an umbrella, scarf or hat when you leave out from home.

4) Apply regular conditioner to the hair:  Apply regular hair conditioner to keep hair shiny and smooth. This will retain moisture in your hair. Various brands hair conditioners are available in the market, you can also use home-made conditioners. Take a ripe banana mix 2 tablespoons yogurt and olive oil in it Apply this mixture and wait for half an hour and then wash it in cold water. 

5)  Apply a home-made hair pack: If your hair becomes lifeless, then it is better not to use a moisturizer which contains chemical, instead, make a hair pack with egg, lemon juice, and olive oil. Apply this hair pack to your hair wait for half an hour, wash with cold water.