Must Try Color Combination For Men


It’s very important to know which color combination suits your personality and skin tone too. For some outfit layering and styling becomes complicated because they lack the knowledge of color combinations. Too many colors in this fashion world but choosing the right ones is a tough job. Sometimes it’s very important to maintain good color combination to flaunt your style as a wrong one can break it instantly. If you are looking for a blog that can help you with right color combination tips and guide you through the styling process you have landed on the right blog.

Primary Colors:

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Yellow

These three colors are called primary colors as they cannot be obtained by mixing any other colors together. They are very strong hues and thus it’s very important to go for a tint or different shades of these colors as its harsh on eyes.

Secondary Colors:

  1. Violet
  2. Orange
  3. Green

They are called secondary colors as it’s a result of a color combination of two primary colors. Secondary colors look amazing when styled correctly and also compliment primary colors.

Tertiary Colors:

  1. Red – Orange
  2. Blue – Violet
  3. Yellow – Green

They are not a combination of primary colors and tertiary colors also not tint or shades of any color. Tertiary colors are basically the colors with their own right. These colors look stunning with almost all other colors only if styled correctly.

Here Are Some Outfit Color Combination Tips & Rules Men Should Follow:

1) Light color bottom should be styled with dark top and shoes.

2) Avoid top wear color that is close to your skin tone. As it may seem washed out and pale.

3) Avoid wearing three pieces with similar color shades as this would definitely break your look.

4) Know the outfit patterns and go for the color combination accordingly.

5) Dark blue and brown is a classic color combination which never goes wrong.

6) Grey with blue denim for a casual look is clever option.

7) For formal look dark colors like black, charcoal grey or burgundy will do wonders.

8) Mustard or beige color looks amazing with different shades of blue.

9) Going for bold colors like orange, yellow or green be very careful as it shouldn’t look weird.

10) Men should surely invest grey outfit in his wardrobe as it plays a great role in color combinations.

11) Bright colors look stunning during summers.

12) Wine color with black or brown gives men elegant look effortlessly.

13) Choosing red for suits, blazers or coats is striking.

14) Beige and royal blue definitely makes men stand out in crowd.

15) Black and white is the all-time favorite color combination of many.

16) Dark green color with light color bottom wear looks amazing.

17) Grey with bright color like red or orange is a great color combination.

18) Don’t go for too many colors while styling.

19) Pink, blue, beige, purple and burgundy top wear goes well with black bottom.

20) Make sure the printed outfit too has good color combination in its design while buying.