Not sure what to wear during a web conference or online Interview

Work From Home


Our lives have changed suddenly, the four walls of the house are now our address and also a place of work. Earlier after office we would come home and rest, now the entire day's work is done from here. Now web conferencing has become a vital part of our lives. But the matter of fact is, none of us have the habit of sitting at home during a web conference, nobody knows exactly what to wear in front of the camera. Many may wonder why we would bother with our dress code, that is wrong when we could take work pressure during this situation, then we should also think of choosing the right clothes during work from home.

The first point that should be followed if your office has a special dress code to wear, it should be followed. Yes, it's important to wear a clean top or shirt, regardless of what shorts or pajamas you wish to wear at the bottom. T-shirts or tank tops won't work at all, don't wear anything that's too revealing it's better to wear loose clothes, but don't wear anything too big. You will definitely wear local clothes like sari or salwar kameez. You can wear any light jewelry on the ears and neck, it's better to stay away from large printed tops. Single color shirts are certainly better than multi-color.

Now the big question is, where should the laptop or phone be kept during online video meetings. If possible, sit somewhere by the window. Many of us take a sip of our favorite drink or chew food, but believe it or not it looks ugly during a video conference. If natural light comes through the window, then it will give a pleasant feeling, the webcam should be kept above your eye-level. Take a glance at the rear make sure you should not have any pile of messy clothes or books, and also make sure that the color of your garments doesn't match the color of the wall or window curtain.

For ladies, do not put a hair knot on top of your head it may look awkward. Yes, we know it may be hot inside our home, but still avoid hair knot on top of your head. Women can comb their hair neatly, use a little moisturizer on your face, lipstick is not necessary instead lip balm can be used.