Pomegranate increase the beauty of the skin, learn how to use them

Pomegranate is not only delicious to eat at the same time we know that this fruit is very important for health. But do you know that pomegranate is also beneficial for our skin? Let's take a look at the benefits of Pomegranate

1) Protects us from sun rays and helps to repair the skin from sunburn: As the sun rays come in contact with the skin, the skin gets black spots. To fix this, you need to use the pomegranate face mask but if you drink a glass of pomegranate juice, then it will work faster.

2) Pomegranate Face Mask: Peel off the Pomegranate skin and grind it well add a few drops of lemon juice apply it to the face and neck after one hour wash it with hot water. If the skin is sunburned, then add aloe vera gel instead of lemon juice.

3) Skin trim:  Skin will hang with old age, but nowadays the skin gets wrinkled before the age due to pollution. There is an antioxidant that is available in the pomegranate skin and juice which tighten the skin. Eat pomegranate regularly, also dry the peeled skin and grind and mix it pomegranate juice make a paste and apply on your face on daily basis. Apply for half an hour and wash your face with cold water.

4) Reduces Wrinkle:  There are various types of acid in pomegranate, which helps in reducing skin wrinkle, increase in age, also the sunburn results in skin wrinkle, pomegranate can help with both these issues. Try to eat pomegranate on daily basis not only juice try to consume the seed inside a pomegranate. Also, apply a moisturizer with few drops of pomegranate juice mix it well and apply to your face.

5) Brightens the kins:  As mentioned, earlier pomegranate helps to reduce Sun tan and black marks. It also brightens skin since it has vitamin C present in it. Take few pomegranates finely ground then applied to the dead cell on your face this will help to remove dead cell easily.

6) Maintains moisture on the skin: Pomegranate can be used on oily skin, acne skin and dry skin. Regularly apply pomegranate oil to your dry skin this will revive the skin. It also softens the skin since it has vitamin C present in it.

However, if you have diarrhea or you are pregnant, then only after taking the advice of the doctor, you should eat a pomegranate.