The 10 Best Learning Toys for Kids on Amazon India


1) Rainbow Stacking Rings


Stacking Rings


Stacking up rings helps strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Your child can learn how to stack the rings based on size and colour. Rock-a-Stack is a modern version of a classic toy that has been used by many generations. The Rock-a-Stack has five colourful rings to grasp and stack Bat-at rocker base to help introduce the concept of relative size and stacking.

Rock-a-Stack not only develop your baby’s sensory and fine motor skills but also stimulates entertainment.


2) Fruits Cutting Play Toy Set


Fruits cutting

Bright & various colours draw the toddler's attention and improve kid's colour cognition ability. With the cute shapes and perfect size for kids, this fruit and vegetable cutting toy are perfect to develop kid's cognitive ability, practical ability, and train their hand-eye coordination.

Each fruit and vegetable could be cut into half and attached again by kids very easily. Made of durable, high quality and non-toxic plastic, which meets the safety standards for toys. Perfect play kitchen set & cutting food set for kids.



3) Colourful Wooden Domino Set


Domino set

The Dynamo Domino Set is designed to engage kids in early STEM development which refer to the academic disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Encourages kids to develop basic engineering skills as they study the principles of balance, cause and effect, and learn to recognize the importance of adapting your strategy until you succeed as they get to build or stack their own dynamic domino racecourse - keeping little engineers intrigued and coming back for more learning and even more fun!


4) Colourful Shapes Blocks


Shapes  Blocks

Colourful shapes to help baby’s fine motor skills take flight. This fun butterfly friend comes with six colourful shapes for fill-and-spill and sorting fun. Even the youngest baby can remove the top for put-and-take play. As the baby grows, fitting blocks through the openings on the shape sorter lid helps her develop important fine motor skills like finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

And it’s so much fun to dump the blocks out and start all over again. It’s even a fun way to introduce baby to shapes and colours.



5) Self Corrective Counting Numbers


self Counting numbers

This wooden puzzle set assists children in developing important skills such as hand-eye coordination while encouraging playful discovery and building the foundation for a lifetime love of learning. includes a variety of engaging learning puzzles to keep your child happy and entertained. Featuring 6 stimulating puzzles: numbers, geometric shapes, sea animals, dinosaurs, vehicles, ABC puzzle.

wooden letters, shapes and puzzle pieces are large and easy for little hands and fingers to grasp. Each puzzle piece has a frustration-free and convenient peg to help improve grip.



6) English Learner Kid's Laptop


Enlish learner kids Laptop

Learning need not be boring. The lovely English learner laptop that will help to make your kid's learning sessions full of fun and excitement. This learner's laptop is designed for preschoolers aged 3 to 8 years. It features a colourful frame, made of durable high-grade non-toxic plastic, to hold your kid's attention for longer durations. The toy is designed to teach English as a foreign language. It uses Indian voices and dialect to speak English. The relative slow sounds make it easy for children to learn their letters, numbers and words.

Enhances comprehension, reading and mathematical skills. This amazing laptop-shaped toy is preset with a wide range of cool features that will boost your kids' comprehension, reading, and mathematical skills, as well as make their playtime educational and fun.



7) Wood Blocks Set


Wood blocks set

A set of wooden blocks provides an opportunity for a child to pass the hours constructing towers, castles, or dollhouses. Designed for children ages three and older, this set offers the opportunity for younger kids to practice their fine motor skills and experiment with the laws of physics while giving older kids an outlet for their creativity. This classic woodblock set includes 100 solid wood blocks painted bright red, blue, yellow, and green. A versatile variety of shapes are included: rectangular prisms, cubes, cylinders, half circles, arches, and two different sizes of rectangular planks and triangles.

The blocks come in a variety of sizes including the half-circle measuring about 1-1/2 inches long and the tallest rectangular plank measuring about 3-1/2 inches long. Their size, combined with the wonderful variety of shapes, makes them just challenging enough for younger children to manipulate. A three-year-old tester enjoyed trying to build towers and walls as tall as possible, as well as sorting the blocks by shape and colour. And the smaller size of the blocks keeps them interesting for older children, too-so kids can easily get many years of use out of them.



8) Scribble and Write Pad

Write pad

Scribble and write provide stroke-by-stroke guidance and has a new model that provides instant accuracy feedback. Best of all, scribble and write uses a single retraceable surface for ease of use and portability. Appropriate for children ages 3 years and up. Light up early writing skills! Scribble & Write provides stroke-by-stroke guidance and has a NEW mode that provides instant accuracy feedback. Children trace the lights to get practice writing upper- and lowercase letters AND numbers. Engineered to grow with your child, Scribble & Write delivers challenges targeted to a range of writing abilities-graduate from Level 1 where scribbling is encouraged to Level 2 where writing for accuracy is the goal.

New instant accuracy feedback mode is thoughtfully designed to teach proper stroke order and correct letter shapes through verbal feedback and the opportunity to try again. Appropriate for children ages 3 years and older. Get stroke-by-stroke guidance as you trace the lights to learn how to write! Your little one will get loads of practise writing upper- and lowercase letters and numbers. Letters A-Z and numbers 1-10 make their debut in an engaging, interactive environment. Scribble & Write reinforces what your child learns by engaging him/her in fun activities, such as clapping to a count that matches the featured number.



9) Touch and Learn Activity Desk


learn activity desk

The Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is an interactive desk and includes five activity pages to explore that are filled with engaging content. Extend the fun with expansion packs (each sold separately) that include a wide curriculum; LED display illustrates letter and number stroke order and how to draw basic shapes Transforms from a desk into an easel and chalkboard with storage space for art supplies to encourage play and discovery.

stool included For more ways to play, pretend to make a call on the toy telephone or listen to fun tunes on the music player; progress button reports on the child's progress. intended for ages 2 years and up



10) Brain Teaser Kit


Brain Teaser Kit

The brain teaser kit is the most enjoyable way for children to build key problem-solving skills. This educational game challenges children’s minds to think creatively and critically and keeps them engaged for hours. Its innovative and stimulating activities promise tons and tons of fun and a sharper mind. Skillmatics Brain Teasers is the most enjoyable way for children to build key problem-solving skills. This educational game challenges children’s minds to think creatively and critically and keeps them engaged for hours. Its innovative and stimulating activities promise tons and tons of fun and a sharper mind!

Developed by our specialist in-house team of Educationalists and Design Experts. We strive to create truly innovative content which is age-appropriate, skill-oriented and infinitely engaging for young learners! Facilitates learning and skill development by allowing children to absorb concepts at their own pace through repetition. It is super fun and keeps children engaged for hours at the end as they doodle, practice and play!