The best five make-up tips in the summer


Whether it is a daily decoration or a special occasion, your makeup in the summer stays right and also you look beautiful with the makeup, here are few important tips.

1 ) Start with Primer: Begin makeup by putting a primer, the best is to use sunscreen primer make-up will remain up it will cause less sweat, in addition, your skin will look a lot brighter. Before you start makeup, take your favorite moisturizer and mix with a little primer, mix it well and apply it to your skin.

2 ) Apply Waterproof Make-Up: Waterproof makeup is very important at this time. You definitely do not want to be embarrassed in a marriage ceremony while you've got your whole make up with sweat.

Choose waterproof mascara and eyeliner for your eyes it is better not to start eyeshadow at this time you have to put aside, apply cream eye shadow, powder eyed shadows can easily be removed with sweat.

3 ) Keep in mind less is More: Avoid heavy make up at Summer, heavy makeup is easy to remove when you sweat, heavy makeup also causes to sweat more.

Apply base makeup to your skin colour use oil control product so that the skin doesn’t become very oily, also always try to keep your skin dry.

4 ) Do not use powdered blush: Cream blush stays long and unchanged. Cream blush is also very smoother than powder blush, besides it is very easy to apply to sweat skin.

First, apply cream blush and apply the face powder on it then put a cream blusher with a fingertip.

5 ) Do not be afraid of the sun: If you visit out in the summer, you will have a little sunburn, so to protect yourself be sure to apply the sunscreen with high SPF apply it half an hour before leaving out. In most cases, the skin gets oily after applying sunscreen lotion so before you leave the house, apply your favorite foundation to the skin.