Four things you can do with Olive Oil at home

Light gold-like color, and a touch of tenderness at every point. The touch of Olive oil means the mother's caress! Olive oil promises healthcare and skincare.
If you've got a bottle of Olive oil in your home, they're no doubts that you can make products from eye cream to makeup remover or body scrub at home.

1) Eye cream
Eye cream made with Olive oil is light at the same time its a great hydrating product. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E and essential fatty acids, Olive oil keeps the skin's collagen levels intact. Apply a touch of Olive oil on the soft part under the eyes blend it lightly with a gentle massage. If you would like, you can mix any essential oil of your choice.
Eye cream

2) Body Scrub
If you would like to get rid of dead cells that have accumulated on the skin, Olive oil is the best remedy. Mix three tablespoons of Olive oil and two tablespoons of honey with half a cup of sugar. Now remove the dead cells by rubbing the body with a scrub. The skin will become clear, radiant and soft.
Body Scrub

3) Makeup Remover
If you are going to clean your face and you find out that your facewash is over. Choose Olive oil as an alternate, wipe the face with Olive oil all the dirt will be removed.
Makeup Remover

4) Lip Mask
For those who are susceptible to chapped lips, choose an Olive oil mask rather than the standard lip balm. Mix one small spoon of coconut oil and one small spoon of honey with two small spoons of Olive oil and apply it on your lips and leave it overnight, the lips will remain soft and shiny.
Lip Mask