Think twice before you do a facial, skin experts say that it is worse, than benefiting from it.



There are many women who get regular facial care but do we need all of them? The most dermatologists say no to facial. According to them, facials are more harmful than improving our skin.

A consultant dermatologist at a renowned hospital in Mumbai says that we make our skin pampered by doing facial, but we think that if you do facial you will become fairer or it can remove skin wrinkle. Facial is nothing but a gimmick.

He added more, facial does worse the skin rather than improving the skin. If you receive facial service more than once a month than chances of your skin damage is high, dermatologists think that most of the beautician doesn’t know how to massage the skin. Strong message or improper skin scrubbing can result in skin pigmentation or black tissue formation on the skin.

Most women will notice that the skin looks much brighter after facial, then what is bad? Dermatologists say that if the facial results are of any benefit to the skin, it does not last for more than two days. Before facial, scrubbing removes the dead cells and that’s the reason skin looks bright. Facial work is only for moisturizing the skin, but it can be done with a good face cream.

Skin doctors repeatedly say that if you feel a lot of pressure while getting a facial on your skin, then tell them to stop it immediately. According to him, the way that blackheads are taken off from the skin in most salon is also wrong, after being forced to remove the blackhead, the situation would be worse there is also a lot more chance of acne there are many salons who do not clean their equipment properly as a result, the incidence of infection increases a lot.

Most dermatologists have said that after the facial, the face will be filled with acne also chances are there where pre-mature skin aging may also start. Most of the time, a thick cream layer is applied to the skin and rubbed during facial. This can lead to a closure of skin pores and various skin problems may occur in future. And if you have a sensitive skin, then there may be a possibility of allergic reactions. So from now on think twice before you get a facial service.