Watermelon is essential not only for stomach, but also for skin care.


A piece of red sweet watermelon in the heat, oh ! Heaven is full. But if you want to know, this fruit is not only the juice treatment, but it can also improve your skin. This results in 6 % sugar and the remaining 94 % water. These fruits have vitamins to A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, It also has lycopene and amino acids.

It also contains anti-oxidants that do not allow your skin to grow old. This fruit juice is also called natural toner also helps to remove sun tan. This fruit does not end here, it can be exposed to skin and helps to keep the skin fresh during the day.

Let's see how to use watermelon:

To keep the skin young : Take a few pulses of watermelon and apply it on the face and neck. This revitalizing face pack will clean your skin, with Youthful skin Sweat and dirty stop our hairline, so the skin looks sterile Use frozen watermelon for some Store the watermelon juice on the ice tray Now rub the clotted melon directly on the skin This will open the romp and show you lots of freshness

To get a bright skin : Mix some of the watermelon pulp and talk yogurt well Keep this mixture in the mouth After drying, wash in cold water

Wrinkle free skin : Since there are anti-oxidant in watermelon, it reduces radical damage. And this is why the skin wrinkle is less. If you add the juice of avocado and watermelon together and put it in the mouth Wash with warm-hot water after 20 minutes apply this mixture four times a week and remove the wrinkle.

Watermelon scab : Take a little bit of melon this time add a little bit of basin to it after a while, apply  light massage, wash this mixture with water the skin will look much brighter than before

The sun burns in the sun during hot summer Watermelon juice can be used to satisfy sun tanning or sunburn for this, put cotton in the potato and apply it in the burnt area Wash after 15 minutes with cold water Mix and mix well with watermelon and cucumber.

Hair growth is also good with regular watermelon as already mentioned, there are amino acids, which causes blood circulation faster It also contains citrulline which accelerates hair growth there is also a large amount of vitamin C that reduces hair loss.